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Rolla, Missouri​​

Site Last Updated: June 5 ,2019

Welcome to Ice Cold Boers, LLC.

Ice Cold Boers is ready to provide your herd with superior registered breeding stock, carefully selected for exceptional beauty, size, temperament, and vigor.  Our dappled and painted Boers are the best of the best, and are proven performers in the show ring as well as hardy browsers on the farm.  Our goats are rotated on 15 paddocks over 200 acres of Ozark highland field, forest, and bramble.  They flourish on our rugged farm and are sure to outperform other meat goats in almost any environment.  If you want the best genetics for your herd, choose
Ice Cold Boers!
  1. Ice Cold Prince Charming and Ice Cold Country Mud
  2. :)
  3. Ice Cold Too Hot to Trot
  4. Disco and Puddles
  5. Ice Cold Echo Storm & Snowstorm
  6. Who Dat Chance
  7. Ice Cold Red Phantom
  8. Ice Cold Red Phantom
  9. Minnie Mouse
  10. Mommy love
  11. Cracked the code for dapple genetics
  12. Ice Cold Copper Disco
  13. Title 17
  14. Ice Cold Moon Spots
  15. Ice Cold Red Phantom
  16. Title 22
  17. 100% Leopard Dapple Doeling

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